Database Specialist

Gdansk, Poland, Full-time

Dataedo is a modern data catalog and database documentation tool with a global client base. Our goal is to help organizations understand their ever-growing data assets in this unprecedented data revolution that is unfolding before our eyes.

If you have good knowledge of relational databases and SQL, and would like to share your knowledge online, then you could join our team as:

Database Specialist

In this position you would share your knowledge on databases, tools, techniques and our tool on our blog and knowledge base.

As a Database Specialist you will:

  • Contribute to our SQL queries database (
  • Learn new database engines and their data dictionaries
  • Research, learn and test database tools
  • Help us build and maintain online database tools catalog

Our Database Specialist must:

  • Have at least 2 years of computer science university (or related) or 1 year of commercial experience as software/database developer, DBA, architect, data analyst or similar
  • Have a good understanding of relational databases, data modeling and database design
  • Be fluent in SQL
  • Have practical experience with any of relational databases (e.g. SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL or PostgreSQL)
  • Like to learn new things and be able to do it on his own
  • Fluent in written english

With your application send us answers to the following:

  1. Tell us in your own words what is data warehouse and how it is different than regular database
  2. What database tool types you know and what is their purpose (a few categories)
  3. What database tools have you used and for what
  4. Provide a very simple design of customer orders database
  5. Write an SQL query that lists customers with lifetime value (total sum of $ orders) exceeding mean value of all customers