Logic Systems

Logic Systems

Logic Systems is a software development company with a team of 10+ business analysts, architects and software developers located in Gdańsk, Poland. We deliver custom business applications and provide support and maintenance of third party solutions to our customers. Our business expertise is focused on shipbuilding and manufacturing and investment management industries. We supplied and maintain dozens of applications, ranging from business applications (bespoke and packaged ERP applications) to customer and supplier portals to reporting and data warehousing.

We use Dataedo to share and preserve knowledge about all the databases we develop and maintain. There is one global repository at our premises for majority of our projects for all the customers and another one at one of the customer's site, who requested that all source code and documentation is stored in their infrastructure.

Databases documented with Dataedo are: two complex data warehouses with 100+ tables each, a few transactional applications (some with 600+ tables), third party applications used as a data source for data warehouses and other smaller databases. It helps us with SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL development.

Dataedo helped us to comprehend large databases by assigning tables to modules and providing meaningful titles and descriptions. We used it also for generating documentation for our customers and third party developers and consultants.

Dataedo does a good job in helping with onboarding new team members, introducing new people to a project and making sure crucial knowledge stays in our team. It makes our workforce more versatile and self-reliant.