Importing descriptions from Excel template

Applies to: Dataedo 5.x versions, Article available also for: 10.x (current), 9.x, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x
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Dataedo enables importing (updating) descriptions to existing database documentation from Excel template.

What is it for

You can use it if you have descriptions for tables, views or columns in an Excel spreadsheet and don't want to copy & paste it into Dataedo editor.


  1. Excel 2007 or later,
  2. Direct access to repository database to run generated SQL statements.

Excel import works only with a server repository.

How it works

Excel template generates SQL update statements that need to be run in the repository database (SQL Server).

Preparing metadata

  1. Download the template (link below).
  2. Remove the sample data.
  3. Paste the table and column details in Type, Schema, Table/View and Column fields.
  4. Paste documentation title in the Documentation column (all rows).
  5. Paste descriptions in a Description column.


  1. Documentation - Title of the documentation (top level element in Dataedo repository) that will be updated. Must be unique.
  2. Type - Type of object, table or view: TABLE/VIEW.
  3. Schema - Table schema name.
  4. Table/View - Table or view name.
  5. Column - Column name.
  6. Description - Column description that will be updated in the repository.
  7. SQL - This field is autogenerated, please do not edit it.


  1. Copy SQL statements from SQL column (you can copy entire column). Perform it separately for tables/views and columns.
  2. Connect to your SQL Server repository database as a user with table update permissions (e.g. the user that created the repository).
  3. Execute the copied SQL statements.

Your descriptions have been updated. Run Dataedo and connect to your repository (or hit Refresh view) to view updated descriptions.

Please note

  1. This will overwrite descriptions that already exist in your documentation repository.
  2. Make sure the title of your documentation is unique.
  3. Tables and views are identified by Documentation, Type, Schema and Table/View fields. Those must be populated.
  4. Columns are identified by Documentation, Type, Schema, Table/View and Column columns. Those must be populated.
  5. The spreadsheet doesn't support new lines in descriptions.

Download template

Description import Excel template for Dataedo 5.2

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