Upgrading to Dataedo 5.0

6th December, 2017
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This tutorial will show you how to upgrade from Dataedo 4 to Dataedo 5.0.

Step 1 - Download and Install

First, download 5.0 from our website:


Run the installer (or unzip it) and install a new version.

Version 4 will remain as a separate installation. You might want to uninstall it.

Step 2 - Upgrade repository

Now, you must upgrade your repository (all repositories). Run Dataedo and on the first screen choose Create repository.

Launch Repository Creator that will upgrade repository with Create button.

It will launch Repository Creator that will perform repository upgrade. Provide connection details for your repository and login as a user that has sysadmin rights on the server. Click Next when ready.

If your connection is established and version of the repository is older than 5 you will see the message as on the screen below.

This is the last chance to perform backup of your repository database. Just in case something goes wrong. You can do this with SQL Server administration tools of your choice (SQL Server Management Console for instance).

When ready click Next.

Your repository is being upgraded now. It takes just a few seconds.

Congratulations, your repository is now upgraded to version 5.0 and you may start working with Dataedo 5. Finish button will start your program.

You may now log in to your repository or create new documentation in a file. To connect to repository you just upgraded double click first item on the Recent list.

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