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    Azure SQL Data Warehouse support

    Applies to: 6.x, Article available also for: 8.x (current), 7.x
    You are looking at documentation for an older release.
    Switch to the documentation for Dataedo 8.x (current).

    Supported Azure SQL Data Warehouse databases

    Versions: 12, may work on 11 but is not officially supported

    Supported schema elements and metadata

    • Tables
      • Columns
        • Data type with length
        • Identity (is identity on)
        • Nullable
        • Default value
    • Views
      • Columns (see tables)
      • Script
    • Procedures
      • Script
      • Parameters
    • Functions
      • Script
      • Parameters
      • Returned value
    • Dependencies

    Descriptions & extended properties

    Dataedo reads and writes extended properties from/to following Azure SQL Data Warehouse objects:

    • Tables
      • Columns
    • Views
      • Columns
    • Procedures
      • Parameters
    • Functions
      • Parameters

    Required access level

    Importing database schema requires certain access level in documented database. The user used for importing or updating schema should at least have "View definition" permission granted on all objects that are to be documented. "Select" also works on tables and views.

    No data is altered in a source database, therefore no "Select" or "Execute" grant is needed.

    Following objects are accessed during schema import process:

    • sys.columns
    • sys.extended_properties
    • sys.indexes
    • sys.index_columns
    • sys.procedures
    • sys.sql_modules
    • sys.tables
    • sys.views
    • sys.all_objects
    • sys.objects
    • sysobjects
    • sysusers
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