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    Custom tables and columns in repository

    Applies to: 6.x, Article available also for: 9.x (current), 8.x, 7.x
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    Dataedo repository is shipped with a number of predefined tables and columns. However, you can add your own custom tables and columns to the repository database.

    Custom elements you can add to our repository:

    • Tables
    • Columns to existing tables
    • Schemas
    • User defined functions
    • Stored procedures

    Adding columns to existing tables

    When you add custom columns to our existing tables please make sure that they either:

    • Are nullable or
    • Have defined default value

    Naming convention

    Each element you add to the database MUST conform to the following simple naming convention - its name must start with "_".


    • Custom table: dbo._my_table
    • Custom column in existing table: dbo.modules._my_column

    Changing existing schema

    It is not allowed to change any of the following:

    • Names of existing tables, columns (and other elements)
    • Data types of existing columns
    • Constraints of existing tables and columns

    or add to existing tables:

    • Triggers
    • Constraints
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