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    Release notes 6.3

    Piotr Tokarski - Dataedo Team Piotr Tokarski 2018-08-10
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    Improvements and bug fixes


    • Solved multiple errors that could lead to application crashing.
    • Shortened repository upgrade time.
    • Altered relations now properly display their current columns.


    • Previously, users with correct database privileges had to have license assigned through Administration Console to connect to a repository. Now they log in with an automatic Lite license.
    • Recent connections are now imported on version upgrade. Previously, a new major version started with a fresh recents file.


    • Dataedo command files can now store custom field to extended property mapping.


    • Added option to change favicon in customized HTML export
    • Greatly improved export time when exporting parts of the documentation.
    • Greatly improved the initial loading time of HTML documentation in Single file template.
    • Fixed a crash caused when skipping an object type while having dependencies to that object type during export.
    • Fixed an issue with exporting unicode characters to SQL Server extended properties.
    • Fixed an issue with opening the exported file with no default application registered for file extension.
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