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    UI elements

    Applies to: 6.x, Article available also for: 9.x (current), 8.x, 7.x, 5.x
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    UI elements

    User Interface consists of two distinct executables:

    1. Dataedo Editor - main user interface to work with documentation.
    2. Dataedo Administration Console - separate UI to manage repository users and license keys.

    Dataedo Editor

    Dataedo Editor user interface consists of three main elements:

    1. Ribbon that provides options for current view and selected element
    2. Repository explorer that enables navigation of repository
    3. Forms/lists pane that displays details of element selected in repository explorer

    UI editor elements


    Ribbon displays options according to the current view and selected element. Options include:

    Repository section

    • Open/New - Opens Connect window that enables you to connect to another repository
    • Refresh view - Refreshes repository explorer view
    • Custom fields - Add, edit or remove custom fields in your repository

    Actions section - Depends on currently selected object

    • Save - Saves current object
    • Remove - Removes current object from repository
    • Add module - Adds new modul
    • Move module up/down - Moves the current module one position up or down
    • Remove from module - Removes object from module
    • Add relation - Adds new user-defined relation
    • Add key - Adds new user-defined primary or unique key

    Documentation - Options to manage your documentations in current repository

    • Add documentation - Opens wizard that adds new documentation to the repository
    • Update documentation - Opens wizard that connects to database and updates schema in current documentation
    • Export documentation - Exports current documentation to PDF, HTML or Excel
    • Search - Open search repository tab
    • Show progress - Shows progress bars of documentation of database objects in the repository explorer

    ERD - Applies to ERD editor

    • Remove from diagram - Removes selected table from diagram


    • Buy Pro - Opens Dataedo shop webpage
    • Upgrade/Trial - Form for requesting a trial key or entering trial/pro key.
    • About - Information about Dataedo version and license and option to change license key
    • Support - Opens a window with links to documentation, forums and direct contact to Dataedo team

    Repository explorer

    Repository explorer

    Documentation form

    Documentation form enables you to change a title and write an introduction to your documentation.

    Documentation form

    List of modules

    List displays modules added in a documentation.

    List of modules

    Module form

    Module form enables you to describe module and create module Entity Relationship Diagram.

    Description tab

    Description tab enables you to change module title and provide description for a module (chapter in documentation).

    Module description tab

    Entity Relationship Diagram tab

    Enables you to draw Entity Relationship Diagram for a module.

    ERD tab

    Table form

    Table form enables you to document table.

    Description tab

    Description tab enables you to provide description of a table, assign a title and assign table to a module(s).

    Table description tab

    Columns tab

    Tab provides a view of table columns and ability to describe each.

    Columns tab

    Relations tab

    List of table relations/foreign keys. It enables describing each relation and creating user-defined relations.

    Relations tab

    Unique keys tab

    List of table unique and primary keys. It enables describing each key and creating user-defined relations.

    Unique keys tab

    Triggers tab

    List of table triggers and their scripts. It enables providing a description for each trigger.

    Triggers tab

    Metadata tab

    Metadata tab displays table repository metadata:

    • DBMS last updated - date and time table was last updated in documented database.
    • Last imported - date and time table was last imported to the repository.
    • Last updated - date and time table was last updated in the repository (this includes imports/updates and updates of descriptions).

    Metadata tab

    View form

    Similar to Table form.

    Procedure form

    Procedure form enables you to document stored procedure.

    Description tab

    Description tab enables you to provide the description of a procedure, assign a title and assign the procedure to a module(s).

    Procedure description tab

    Input/Output tab

    It allows describing the procedure parameters.

    Procedure Input/Output tab

    Script tab

    Enables preview of stored procedure script imported from a database.

    Procedure Script tab

    Function form

    Function form enables you to document function.

    Description tab

    Description tab enables you to provide the description of a function, assign a title and assign the function to a module(s).

    Function description tab

    Input/Output tab

    It allows to describe the function parameters and returned value.

    Function Input/Output tab

    Script tab

    Enables preview of function script imported from database.

    Function script tab

    List of tables/views/procedures/functions

    Lists all tables/views/procedures/functions in a documentation or a module. You are able to provide/edit a title for each object and assign an object to the module(s). Changes are saved right after closing editor.

    List of tables

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