Upgrading to Dataedo 6.0

21st December, 2017
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This tutorial will show you how to upgrade from Dataedo 4 or 5 to Dataedo 6.0.

Step 1 - Download and Install

First, download 6.0 from our website:


Run the installer and install the new version or unzip the package.

Previous versions will remain as a separate installation. You might want to uninstall it.

Step 2 - Upgrade repository

Dataedo 6.0 requires an upgrade of your repository (or repositories).

Upgrading file

Run Dataedo and on the first screen choose Open file repository option or a file from the Recent list.

It is highly recommended to backup a copy of the file before continuing. It is not possible to downgrade your repository later.

If you chose Open file repository option you need to enter the path to your file (you may choose it with browse option) and click Open.

If a repository file is older than version 6.0 then you will see a message as below.

Click Upgrade file link to upgrade the file.

When ready, confirm with the Yes button to continue. Upgrading will only take a few seconds. When it is completed you should see the following message.

Close it with the OK button. Your upgraded repository will be now opened and you can start working with it.

Upgrading server repository

Run Dataedo and on the first screen choose Connect to repository option or a repository from the Recent list.

Provide connection details in the form seen below and click Connect.

If a repository is older than 6.0 you will see a message as below.

Click Upgrade repository link to upgrade the repository.

It is highly recommended to backup your repository database before continuing.

You need to connect with a user that has db_owner rights in the repository database. You can use the same user you used to create the repository.

If your current user has required permissions click Upgrade button to start an upgrade. If not, use different login details in Login and Password fields and then click Upgrade button.

Your repository is being upgraded - it will only take a few seconds.

Once complete, you will see the following final screen.

Next button will take you back to connect to repository screen. Now your repository is upgraded and you can log in.

Just click the Connect button and you're ready to use Dataedo 6.0.

Step 3 - Update documentation

To use all new functionalities of Dataedo 6.0 you need to force full reimport of your database schema of your existing documentations.

This will not remove any of your descriptions.

Select documentation and choose Update documentation button from the ribbon.

Make sure your connection details are correct, then check the Advanced settings checkbox and click Connect.

Skip importing additional properties for now - just click Next.

Check the Reimport all included objects checkbox, choose whether to import all objects or define a filter, then click Read.

Wait a few seconds while object list is being read.

Click Import button on the next screen.

Wait a bit while objects are being imported.

After a few seconds, the update will be finished, and your repository will be up to date.

Repeat this process for all your documentations and you'll be able to use the new functionalities of Dataedo 6_0.

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