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    Working with documentations

    Applies to: 6.x, Article available also for: 5.x
    You are looking at documentation for an older release.
    Switch to the documentation for Dataedo 9.x (current).

    Multiple documentations

    You can have an unlimited amount of documentations in each repository. Lite version only supports a single documentation per repository.

    Documentation is sorted alphabetically by title.

    Unlimited databases

    Adding documentation

    You can add new documentation to your repository by importing database schema. Go to Importing database schema article.

    Removing documentation

    To remove documentation from repository select documentation in tree navigator and click Remove documentation button in a ribbon. This will remove all documentation data from the repository and it will be lost.

    Documentation title

    Each documentation has a title. By default documentation has the following title by default: databasename@host, where databasename is a name of imported database/schema and the host is an address of the server where your database is hosted.
    You can, and should, change it to something meaningful to you.

    Documentation title

    Usage of title

    Database title is used to find the documentation you are looking for but it is also used as document title when exported to PDF:

    PDF title

    and page header and welcome page title in HTML export

    HTML title

    Changing documentation title

    You can change every documentation title at any time. You need to select documentation in the navigation tree and either:

    • Press F2, enter new title and confirm with Enter, or
    • Right click and choose "Rename", enter new title and confirm with Enter, or
      Rename documantation
    • Type new title in the description tab in the right pane and click Save button (or ctrl+s keys)
      Rename documantation
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