Dataedo on macOS

13th February, 2019
Applies to: Dataedo 7.x versions, Article available also for: 8.x, 6.x, 5.x
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Beta Mac release

Open beta of Dataedo for MacOS is now available.

Just download the package, drag its contents to Applications folder, and you can run it as usual.

Installation requires an internet connection, as .NET packages are downloaded during the first run.

We'd be happy to hear about your experience and any encountered issues at

There are still some issues we're working on:

  • Adding a license key hangs the application. Restart it and the key will be correctly loaded.

  • Keyboard shortcuts are based around CTRL instead of CMD. In some cases CMD+C or CMD+V may work, but differently.

  • File and folder paths use \ instead of /. Mac filesystem is available under Y:\ in path prompts.

  • Commandline operations with .dataedocmd files are not supported yet.

  • Administration console is not supported yet.

  • In some cases, crash reports cannot be sent from application. Please email them to instead.

  • Connection requiring an additional ODBC driver (Db2, Snowflake, Redshift) is not supported yet.

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