IBM Db2 on Cloud support

Piotr Tokarski - Dataedo Team Piotr Tokarski 6th February, 2019
Applies to: Dataedo 7.x versions, Article available also for: 10.x (current), 9.x, 8.x
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Available from version 7.1.

Supported versions

IBM Db2 on cloud 11.1

Supported schema elements and metadata

Dataedo reads following metadata from IBM Db2 on Cloud:

  • Tables
    • Columns
      • Data type with length
      • Nullable
      • Default value
    • Primary keys
      • Columns
    • Unique indexes
      • Column
    • Foreign keys
      • Columns
    • Triggers
      • When triggered
      • Script
  • Views
    • Columns (see tables)
    • Script
  • Materialized views
    • Columns (see tables)
    • Script
  • Procedures
    • Script (for SQL procedures)
    • Parameters
  • Functions
    • Script (for SQL procedures)
    • Parameters
    • Returned value
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