Why upgrade to Dataedo Enterprise

Applies to: Dataedo 8.x versions, Article available also for: 9.x, 7.x
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This article compiles reasons for upgrading from Pro to Enterprise.

Business Glossary

Dataedo Enterprise metadata repository has now the ability to define a common language and understanding of key terms across the organization - architects, developers and business users - in a Business Glossary, and link it to specific data assets (tables or fields).

Schema Change Tracking

Often, it's important to be able to see what and when changed in database schema. Dataedo 7 Enterprise has an option to enable tracking of schema changes.

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Data Discovery and Classification

Dataedo Enterprise helps you atomatically find and label (classify) sensitive data in your databases. This is done based on built in patterns for column names, titles, and classification from linked Business Glossary terms and other columns with the same name.

100 custom fields

Dataedo Pro has 5 custom fields - additional descriptive fields of your documentation elements. Enterprise comes with 100 of them.

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