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The below roadmap just reflects our plans and the things we are working on. It is shared just for information purposes and it is not a binding commitment. Please do not use this information in making purchasing decisions as future versions of our products may have different functionality and release dates. We share it to shed some light on the direction we are heading with Dataedo

Interested what's coming next? Here are some important things we are working on:

New Connections

Here are connectors we are working on:

  1. Apache Hive
  2. Apache Hive Metastore
  3. Salesforce
  4. SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) - Tabular model
  5. Neo4J
  6. Elasticsearch
  7. Apache Avro
  8. Apache ORC
  9. Apache Parquet
  10. Delta Format
  11. Excel
  12. SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) - Multidimensional

Data Profiling

Currently, Dataedo scans only metadata of your databases - their internal data dictionaries. We are currently building something completely different - Data Profiling module that will allow you to look into the actual data int stored in the tables analyzing how many null, empty, distinct values there are in each field, what are the min, max and average values and list most popular values. This information can be saved (but does not have to be) in the repository and easily accessible in Web Catalog and Desktop, making it even easier for everyone to understand the tables and columns.

Reference Data Management / Lookups

Reference data, list of values, lookups, dictionaries, data domains. This feature will allow you to build lookups, list and valid values. It will be easy to document and understand that "A" in status field means "Approved", or what values to expect in the market field.

You will be able to build those dictionaries from values from the database with Data Profiling feature.

Authentication, SSO, Permissions in the Web

We are researching options for authentication and single sign on to the Web Catalog, integration with Active Directory and Okta, and database/table access control.

Data Lineage

Data Lineage will allow everyone in your organization to grasp how data flows through the ecosystem. This data lineage will be defined manually on the object level.

Dataedo Online Docs

Dataedo will be entering the cloud era and making it easier than ever to export and share their database documentation. Our users will soon be able to securely publish their documentation on our website and provide access to specified users.

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