Generate Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) for your Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL database

What is Entity Relatiohsip Diagram (ER Diagram, ERD)?

Entity Relationship Diagrams are diagrams that show tables (entities) and their relations. This is a great tool to quickly visually explain and document relationships between tables in database.

Simple editor

Dataedo enables you to quckly generate ER diagrams for your database. You just choose which tables to add to your diagram, drop them onto canvas, decide on formatting and it's done!

Enitity Relationship Editor

Automatic links

Links (relations) between tables are added automatically from data dictionary.

Include views

You can include both, tables and views in your diagrams.

Add color

You can color tables and views to differentiate meaning of a table. For example to distinguish between transaction and dictionary tables.

Many diagrams in your documentation

You can have multiple diagrams in your documentation, each describing one topic or area of your database. Just add as many modules (each representing a topic). Each module can include a set of tables, views and other objects, an introduction (rich text with images) and a diagram.

Hide complexity

Some tools create diagrams with all tables' columns. We believe that a bad practice. Diagrams are used for communication and explaining database schema. They should explain you relationships with just a look. That's why we don't include columns and enable maximum of 30 objects on diagram. If you want do add more, then you should consider splitting diagram in two. Simply by adding new module that explains some other aspect of your database.

See a sample

Diagrams export nicely to PDF and HTML: