Group database objects into smaller comprehensible topics

One of the key value added features of Dataedo is the ability to group database objects in to modules. Modules are not defined in database but in Dataedo repository. You can add one module for each logical group of database or topic.

Assign to module

Easier to understand

Adding modules is used to break down complex databases into smaller comprehensible parts. Each chapter describes one aspect or part of your database.

Introduction, list of objects and ERD

Each module consists of an introduction (long rich text with images, learn more), a list of assined database objects (tables, views, procedures and functions) and an Entity Relationship Diagram (built from assigned tables and views).


Easier to manage documentation

Splitting documentation into modules also helps in process of documenting. Learn more about documentation progress tracking.

Find all objects realted to one functionality

Grouping objects into modules in Dataedo helps your development and maintenance team to find all objects related to one functionality, e.g. certain report or form.

Assing to more than one module

One object can be assigned to more than one module.

Assing to more than one module

Easy to assign

It's easy to assign module(s) to objects. You just go through the list of objects and drag and drop to a module or choose from drodown list.

Assign to module