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    Applies to: 8.x (current), Article available also for: 7.x, 6.x, 5.x

    What are titles

    The purpose of many database objects changes as database evolves. However, you don't have to change the names of tables or other objects. Dataedo gives you the ability to add meaningful titles to most objects. This title will be added after the name on export. For instance: invoices_tab (Documents).

    Titles are optional.


    You can define a title for each table, view, procedure or function. You can do it in the Title field on object's form. Press Save button or Ctrl+S keys to save changes.

    Table title

    If you need to assign many titles at once it's more convenient to do it in a objects table. Select Tables folder in tree navigator to change tables titles. Update Title column of desired tables. Changes are saved instantly.

    Table title


    You can define a title for each column. You can edit title it in the Title field in columns table. Press Save button or Ctrl+S keys to save changes.

    Column title


    Quite often there are tables, columns, procedures etc. that are not used anymore because are replaced with something or abandoned. To avoid confusion and errors, you can use title column to mark such objects as obsolete. Just type in "OBSOLETE" text (or similar) in the title box.

    Obsolete table

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