Have a database? Document it!

Every year amount of data and databases in organizations grows. There is ever increasing need to access data and yet so many databased aren't get documented. Software developers, support consultants, Data warehouse developers and data analysts waste time on trying to figure out where to find and how to query data. And even worse, they make mistakes.


There is a solution to this problem - comprehensive, useful database documentation. Document your databases and avoid guesswork and save time and money.


Preserve knowledge

Eliminate guesswork

Save time

Reduce bottlenecks

Be more independent of people

Improve communication

Improve onboarding

Less errors

Create useful documentation of your databases

Data Dictionary

Create and maintain data dictionary of your databases - a description all tables, columns and relationships so that every item of data is understood by everyone involved.

Enity Relationship Diagrams

Visualise your databases schemas with Entity Relationship Diagrams so that everyone can quickly understand key elements of your databses.

Document programmability

Document procedures, functions and triggers to make database development more controlled.

One app to document your all databases

Documentation way beyond simple extract

Generate useful and aesthetic documents

Generate meaningful printable PDF documents using rich text, images and your Entity Relationship Diagrams.

Sample PDF:

Adventure Works

Export to interactive HTML

Generate interactive and intuitive data dictionary with rich text, images and Entity Relationship Diagrams. Publish online and share with your team or community.

Sample HTML export:

Adventure Works

Get started in minutes

1. Connect to your database

Connect to your database and Dataedo will read your database schema - all tables, views, columns etc - and import it into your documentation in your repository.

2. Describe anything

Describe all data elements (tables, views, columns, realtions etc.). Dataedo reads comments and descriptions from your database.

3. Export & publish

Export to meaningful documents or interactive HTML and publish them in your network or online.


Works with all your databases

Useful for anyone that designs, develops, queries, maintains or owns relational databases

Software Development

Whether you are developing web, desktop or mobile application, as long as you use database you should document it.


Packaged applications like ERP, CRM, SCM or similar have huge databases with plenty of large tables. And they are full of key data. Data Dictionary can help you make use of that data.


When you are reporting from databases, regardles of whether they are designed by you or not, you should document database schema to ease creating reports and avoid mistakes.

Data Warehousing

Data warehouses are all about querying and analyzing data. And no matter what BI or reporting tool you use you need to provide a comprehensive documentation of the data structures. This is where documentation in a deliverable on its own rights.

Agile Development

Agile development is about constant change. Dataedo can help your team constantly develop databases and make communication and documentation easier.

Data Migration

Moving data from one database to another is a challenge. You really need to understand data and its structure. Both, the source and the destination. This is where data dictionary is a must have. Use Dataedo to document both schemas.

Reverse Engineering Legacy Databases

Often there are in your organization databases you need to report from or integrate with and there's no one from original development team anymore. This is where you have to discover and learn the database yourself. Don't lose this precious information. Document as you do.

System Maintenance

Whenever you maintain a system that has a database you are faced with requests and issues when you need to look directly into database. But do you know where to look? Do you know how to query data? Have databases you maintain documented and update it as you learn. This will save you time in the future.

Database Owners

Whether your organization develop and maintain your databases itself or with a third party it's in its best interest to have them documented. Get the right people do it now till they are available. We have the tool.

How are we better?

What makes us different from other data dictionary tools?

Complete solution
Data dictionary, Entity Relationship Diagrams and rich text descriptions with images in one tool. No need to copy and merge.

We support all major databases
Many of the tools support only SQL Server or other engine. With our tool you can document SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL databases in one repository.

Much more useful metadata
Ability to document missing foreign keys, unique keys, describe almost everything.

Focused on usefulness, not on data
Many tools out there just extracts metadata from the database. We asked what would bring most value to your documentation.

Teamwork by design
Dataedo has been designed with teamwork in mind - gather your knowledge across your organisation. Or beyond.

Aesthetic exports
PDF documents can be a part of your documentation and HTML export can be published as is on the Internet.

Don't interfere with your databases
Metadata is not saved in the database itself. It is saved in a file or repository.


Older releases can be found here.

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Free Pro

Documentations per repository 1 Unlimited

SQL Server
From 5.0

From 5.0
Database objects

Tables, Views
Functions, Procedures, Trigers
Unique keys
From 5.0
User-defined objects

Table/view relations
Unique keys
Documentation management

Progress tracking

Entity Relationship Diagrams
From 5.0
Documentation export


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Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL (From 5.0)

Documentations per repository: 1

Database objects: Tables, Views

Documentation management: Limited progress tracking report

Diagrams: No

User-defined objects: Modules

Export: PDF

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Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL (From 5.0)

Documentations per repository: Unlimited

Database objects: Tables, Views, Functions, Procedures, Triggers, Relations (FKs), Unique keys, Triggers, Dependencies (From 5.0)

Documentation management: Full progress tracking report

Diagrams: Enity Relationship Diagrams (From 5.0)

User-defined objects: Modules, Table/view relations (FKs), Unique keys

Export: PDF, HTML, Excel

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