Data Profiling tool

Better understand and increase confidence in your data

Learn more about your source data with Data Profiling. Peak into real values stored in the database to better understand structure.

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X-Ray Your Data

Data Dictionary extended

Use sample data to learn what data is stored in your data assets

Top values

Browse top values report to learn what are the most popular values in your database

Min, max, average values

Learn what are the minimum, maximum, average and median values in your data asset. Get to know their span and standard deviation

Value distribution

See how does the distribution of values looks like

Row distribution

Get a peak into the distribution of different types of rows in chosen data asset

Sample data

Peak into the the sample data for chosen tables and make sure it is good quality

Ensure high data quality and simplify its usage

Learn new things about your data

Use sample data to learn what data is stored in your data assets. Understand the data better before using it and make sure that the data is good quality.


Improve data quality

Dataedo scans all values in selected tables and calculates useful metrics like rows number, percentage of distinct and empty rows. It also shows minimum and maximum values, average, median, span or deviation. This allows you to peak into values itself and identify areas that require improvements.

Increase trust in your data

Allow business users to preview the data stored in particular columns, so they don’t have to rely on descriptions alone. Increase trust in your data and its documentation.


Make it easier to find the right data

Help data users save time, make smarter decisions and avoid costly mistakes. With data profiling business users and data analysts will be able to quickly understand what data is stored in particular data assets, assess its quality and decide which metrics will be useful for a report or analysis. No more writing SQL queries to understand the data.

Speed up documentation of your data

With the ability to peak into real values, creating documentation will be easier and faster than ever. You no longer will have to wonder how to desribe a column with a mysterious name, when you know what values it stores.

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Share the knowledge with your team

Creators (Data Stewards)
Dataedo Desktop

Data Profiling feature and data can be accessed through Dataedo Desktop interface by Creators - users responsible for creating the documentation.

Explorers (Business Users)
Dataedo Web Catalog

You can also share Data Profiling results with Explorers - business users, analysts and others with permissions to access Dataedo Web Catalog, where they can contribute through comments and ratings.

How Dataedo Data Profiling works?

Connect to your data sources

Scan static metadata

Perform profiling of selected tables

Save & share documentation

dataedo architecture
dataedo architecture

Your data is protected


Save only selected data

You can choose which columns you want to analyze and which profiling results you want to save, so that you comply with data protection regulations.


Secure on premises solution

Dataedo Web Catalog and Metadata Repository are hosted on premises, so they are as secure as you make it. There is no data stored in the cloud.


Built-in authentication

Dataedo Web Catalog comes with built-in authentication - each user requires an individual login and password).

Use cases

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