We know and love databases

We are a team of software and database developers with 15+ years of experience with SQL Server and Oracle database design, development & maintenance. We worked with transactional systems, ERP/CRM, web applications and data warehouses, both third party and our own. In many projects in which we participated, we lacked proper documentation, communication and effective transfer of knowledge which led us to development of Dataedo – the tool we were always missing.

We want to make databases more accessible

We believe database development and maintenance should be easier and more managed. We believe documentation is something that should happen as you design, develop and maintain your software – not left at the end of project as unpleasant necessity or omitted at all. We also believe it should be as simple as it can with as little tedious manual work as possible. That's why we created Dataedo for you.

Our team


Product Manager & Co-Founder

Product design, product management, marketing, blogging


Architect & Co-Founder

Product architecture & top level design. Oracle and SQL Server expert


Customer Success Manager

Customer support, comunity managment, social media


QA Leader & User Support

Supporting users, product design and quality assurance leader


Lead Developer

Development of most of Dataedo application and repository functionality



Development of Dataedo application


Web developer

Development all web facing functionalities


Developer, web designer

Development of Dataedo application, web design


Tester & marketing support

Product testing, support with marketing and content creation



Product testing


Database developer

Development of schema imports


Database expert

Product validation & testing


Database expert

Product validation & testing

Our story

We weren't looking for ideas for products at all. We were happy running providing consulting and development services to our customers. It all started when we just wanted to solve our own problem - preserve and share documentation about the data warehouse we built. We couldn't find the right tool so we built one for ourselves. A couple of years later here we are - with probably the best database documentation tool out there.


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We are based in Gdańsk, Poland, EU - a city of freedom. This is where Solidarity and Lech Walesa broke the communism. Now Gdańsk is one of the hubs of information technology and innovation in this part of the world. We are proud to be part of it.

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Poland, EU

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