Sensitive Data Discovery & Classification

Find and tag sensitive data in your databases

Scan your databases and find and tag fields holding personal data so you can know what data you are processing and where to comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR or CCPA.

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Automated discovery with manual curation

Dataedo finds fields holding potentially sensitive data automatically from entire data catalog (or just a part of it) using built in functions.
You and your team can curate metadata tags manually.

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Build your own classifications

Need something else? Dataedo allows you to build your own classification by defining a set of rules.


Built-in classifications icon
Built-in classifications

Dataedo comes with predefined search and classification functions.

Multiple classifications icon
Multiple classifications

Define multiple parallel classifications for different regulations and policies.

Learning algorithms icon
Learning algorithms

Dataedo learns and provides suggestions based on existing classifications.

Manual curation icon
Manual curation

Allow your team to review, add and update field classifications.

Summary report icon
Summary report

List all classified fields from the entire data catalog.

Shared metadata repository icon
Shared metadata repository

All classifications are stored in shared central metadata repository holding technical (data dictionary) and business (business glossary) metadata.

Integration with Business Glossary icon
Integration with Business Glossary

Dataedo allows data (dictionary) elements to be mapped to the terms in your business glossary and classifications from the glossary are propagated to data elements.

Custom search and classification icon
Custom search and classification

Dataedo allows you to customize existing classification functions and add your own.

Supported data sources

Import schema from your databases with our native connectors.


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Find and tag sensitive data in your databases

Know what data you are processing and where to comply with data protection regulations