Data Classification in Dataedo

Applies to: Dataedo 24.x (current) versions, Article available also for: 10.x, 23.x

Dataedo is a great tool to discover and classify columns in your databases holding sensitive data. Classification is made with the use of labels in custom fields. Classification is browsable through both the Web Catalog and Desktop.

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There are two methods of classifying data in Dataedo.

Manual discovery and classification

All users can manually find and classify data in databases using custom fields and search functions.

Manual data search and classification

Automated discovery and classification

Dataedo has a convenient automated data discovery and classification functionality which was redesigned in the 10.3 version. Data Classification covers predefined functions for:

  • CCPA - California Consumer Privacy Act
  • FERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  • GDPR - finds columns potentially holding personal data as defined by European GDPR
  • HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • PCI - Payment Card Industry
  • PII - finds columns PII (Personally Identifiable Information)


Find out more in the Automated data search and classification article.

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