Metadata management tool

Capture and share knowledge about your data

Database Documentation

Build comprehensive database documentation so that everyone, including business, can understand them.

Data Dictionary

Build an enterprise data dictionary of your databases and other data assets.

Business Glossary

Build and share a universal glossary of business terms, policies and rules and link them to data assets in your catalog.

ER Diagrams

Visualize your databases with ER Diagrams so that data they store is clear for everyone.

Sensitive Data Discovery and Classification

Scan your databases and find and tag fields holding personal data.

More features

Database Schema Change Tracking

Capture changes in your databases, discover them, comment on them and share with your team.

Track Documentation Progress

See which database objects and fields still require description.

Subject Areas

Organize complex databases and data environments with subject areas.

Metadata Repository

Gather your organization metadata with metadata repository.

Metadata Search

Search your metadata repository.


Provide meaningful aliases to enigmatic database objects.

Custom Metadata Fields

Extend your metadata repository with custom fields.

Stored Procedures Documentation

Produce documentation of stored procedures, functions and triggers in your databases.

Import Schema Changes

Import changes in structure of your databases in a few simple steps.

Description Suggestions

Get database documentation tasks easier with intelligent suggestions.

Database Dependencies

Discover dependencies in your databases.

Supported data sources

Import schema from your databases with our native connectors.

Use cases

BI & Analytics icon

BI & Analytics

Remove friction of reporting and analytics and allow business users to be self-reliant with convenient documentation of data.

Data Warehousing icon

Data Warehousing

Provide useful documentation of your data warehouse and facilitate better use of it throughout the organization.

Data Governance icon

Data Governance

Catalog, assign ownership and help find and understand data assets in your organization.

Metadata management icon

Metadata management

Extract metadata from your databases, catalog them in central metadata repository and share with data community for the description and discovery.

Data Protection icon

Data Protection

Build a catalog of sensitive data you process in your organization.

Applications icon


Make complex data model of packaged applications understandable and relevant to your organization, document implementation specific functionalities, so that every developer and business user will be able to use their database.

Database Development icon

Database Development

Allow every developer to grasp data models quickly without guesswork and unnecessary questions and reworks.

Legacy Databases icon

Legacy Databases

Discover structure of your legacy databases and document them as you learn, so that the other people do not have to learn the same things over and over again.

Enterprise Architecture icon

Enterprise Architecture

Document and visualize data in all enterprise databases, explain relationships between them and map to business entities defined in a business glossary.

Data Migration icon

Data Migration

Document and understand source and destination databases before the migration and use custom fields to note strategy, mapping, assigned people and status for each object.

Development Outsourcing icon

Development Outsourcing

Capture knowledge about data tier of the development you outsource.

Our customers

Sandra Recca

"Dataedo is a fantastic value. We jump started all of our Data Governance efforts using the tool. We documented key databases quickly and easily and published the information to our analyst community. The Dataedo team is dream to work with and very responsive."

Sandra Recca
- Sr. Director, Data Governance, Structured Finance
Fitch Ratings, Inc.
Miguel Montesino

"For three years, I have been responsible for designing and implementing the Data Warehouse at BHG. Following the rapid growth of the company and our data operations, it was immediately clear that in-depth and concise documentation was needed for the multiple fields and tables added each day. Dataedo has improved productivity of both new hires and seasoned employees by reducing the likelihood of costly misunderstandings by providing a glossary of commonly used terms, naming conventions, and even commonly-used strategy patterns."

Miguel Montesino
- Data Warehouse Manager
Bankers Healthcare Group (BHG)