Track documentation progress

With Dataedo it takes just one click to see what is the progress of documentation of your database.

See which objects need to be documented

You can see progress of documentation of each object and that means if there's a new table or even a column you'll know if it needs to be documented.

Track descriptions and custom fields

There are different tracking modes and you can track progress of different fields.

"Through Dataedo, we can define user relationships between tables in each module of our ERP. It helped us track the progress of documentation. The server repository feature can centrally share the data dictionary among the team in real time. It is definitely a user-friendly tool and easy to understand. We use Dataedo regularly every time there is a change in table structure or an introduction of new modules. We would recommend the tool to anyone with similar requirements."

Rajesh Siva
IT Manager
Mohsin Haider Darwish