Documenting tables and views

Applies to: Dataedo 24.x (current) versions, Article available also for: 10.x, 23.x

Dataedo imports stored procedures and functions from a database you document.

What gets imported

Dataedo imports following metadata from documented database:

  • List of tables and views stored in documented database/schema
  • List of columns with their data types and nullability
  • Primary and unique keys (constraints and/or indexes)
  • Relations (foreign keys)
  • Table triggers with trigger event
  • Scripts (for views)
  • Descriptions (see below)
  • Dependencies

Imported descriptions/comments

While importing schema Dataedo reads descriptions and comments added in DBMS. You can then edit those descriptions in Dataedo repository using Dataedo Editor. Those descriptions will not be saved to original documented database.

Imported descriptions include:

  • Tables and views description
  • Columns description
  • Foreign keys description
  • Primary and unique keys descriptions
  • Trigger descriptions

Read more about importing descriptions.

Documentation scope

When you imported your database schema you are ready to complete documenting tables and views.

Documentation of a tables and views consists of:

  • Description of each table/view (rich text with images)
  • Optional title of each table/view (more on titles)
  • Description of each column (plain text)
  • Optional title of each column
  • Description of each primary and unique key
  • User-defined primary and unique keys
  • Description of each relation (foreign key)
  • User-defined relations
  • Description of each trigger
  • User defined custom fields

Table/view description

Image title

To write a table or view description select it in tree navigator and go to Table/View tab in the editor in the right pane of the interface.

Enter or update text inside the editor. After the edit is done you need to save changes. Saving includes all changes of an entire object on all tabs. Learn more about working with editor.

Column descriptions

Image title

To describe columns go to Columns tab of a table or view editor. Columns tab displays a table of all table/view columns imported from the database. Table of columns has following columns:

  1. Icon - Icon of a column. Column deleted in the database is represented by an icon.
  2. PK - Indicator if a column is part of primary key - icon.
  3. # - Column position in a table (imported from the database).
  4. Name - Column name.
  5. Title (editable) - Optional column title defined by user only in Dataedo repository (learn more about titles).
  6. Data type - Column data type defined in the database.
  7. Nullable - Indicator whether a column is defined as nullable or not. is visible for nullable columns.
  8. Description (editable) - Column description entered by user (or imported from database).

To describe column edit text in the description and optionally title fields (learn more about titles). After the edit is done you need to save changes. Saving includes all changes of entire an object on all tabs. Learn more about working working with editor.

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