Custom metadata fields

Dataedo gives you ability to define custom plain text fields to describe your data. You can define different fields for different elements, like tables, columns, stored procedures etc.

Wide range of possibilities

Custom fields open wide possibilities of applications. To name a few:
  • Data governance - add Data Owner, Data Steward fields
  • GDPR - add Sensitive Data and Data Processor fields
  • Data quality - add Format or Sample Values fields
  • Data mapping - add Source Table and Column fields
  • Data lineage - add Source System, Table and Column fields
  • UI development - add Form Name and Form Label fields
  • Data warehousing - add Source Table and Column, SCD Type, Transformation fields
  • ORM - add Class and Class Attribute fields
  • Application migration - add Migration Status field
  • Packaged application - add Standard/Bespoke field
and many more.