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    Applies to: 9.x (current), Article available also for: 8.x, 7.x

    Install client

    To work with Dataedo you need to install Dataedo client. Detailed instructions are available in following articles:

    1. Installing on Windows
    2. Installing on Mac
    3. Installing on Linux

    Install server repository

    If you want to use full team working potential of Dataedo you need to install repository. There are two options available - SQL Server and Azure SQL.

    This documentation assumes you have access to one of these. Here is a guide on Microsoft website:

    Install SQL Server - Microsoft Docs

    Articles below explain how to create Dataedo repository on specific platforms:

    1. Install SQL Server Dataedo repository
    2. Install Azure SQL Dataedo repository

    Setting up users

    If you want to provide access to users other than admin who created repository you need to create user accounts with Administration Console. This article explains how to do it:

    Managing users

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