Data Lineage in Dataedo

Mac Lewandowski - Dataedo Team Mac Lewandowski 15th December, 2021

Dataedo from version 10.1 allows you to manually configure and browse how data flows between your objects and data sources.

What is Data Lineage

Data Lineage aims to show the complete data flow in a system, from start to finish. Usually, Data Lineage is understood as a tool which is visualizing how data moves through the system.

Designing in Dataedo Dedsktop

You can set column level flows by enabling column-level lineage and setting inflow and correspondent outflow column.

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  1. You can enable colum-level flows here.
  2. Here you define inflow and outflow columns (try handy right click options like automatic matching).
  3. Here you can go through suggested entities.

Browsing in Dataedo Web Catalog

In the Web catalog you can switch through viewing object and column level Data Lineage.

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