Documentation Sharing Options in Dataedo

Applies to: Dataedo 24.x (current) versions, Article available also for: 10.x, 23.x

You can share documentation in Dataedo in a number of ways:

  1. Dataedo Portal - interactive portal, requires licenses for users,
  2. HTML Export - self-hosted HTML documentation,
  3. Sharing on SharePoint or Confluence - embedding HTML
  4. PDF Export - free access,
  5. Excel Export - free access,
  6. Database comments - exporting comments to the database schema.

Publishing in Dataedo Portal

Documentation can be shared in Dataedo Portal - interactive, self-hosted web portal. Access to Dataedo Portal is licensed.

Learn more about Dataedo Portal

Publishing in HTML Export

Documentation can also be shared in self-hosted HTML data documentation - HTML Export.

From 10.0 access to all HTML exports (including business glossary) is free for everyone.

Learn more about HTML

Publishing in HTML Export on shared folder

HTML Export is a set of HTML, CSS and JSON files that can be opened from local or shared folder with a web browser.

Share HTML Export in code repository

You can also publish HTML Export in code repository, such as Git. Users that download files to their local disk will be able to open documentation with web browser.

Ship it with your application

You can ship documentation with your application or product. Simply attach folder with exported HTML Export.

Publishing HTML Export on web server

HTML Export can be easily published with any web server, such as Apache HTTP Server, IIS, Ngix, or Apache Tomcat. You host it just as any other static website - usually by uploading it to specific folder.

Publishing HTML Export on SharePoint

You can publish Dataedo documentation on SharePoint by embedding a shared documentation as web part.

Publishing documentation on SharePoint

Publishing HTML Export on Confluence

You can publish Dataedo documentation on Confluence by embedding a shared documentation.

Publishing documentation on Confluence

PDF Export

Dataedo offers exporting documentation to PDF document.

Access to PDF is free.

Exporting documentation to PDF

Excel Export

Dataedo allows you to export documentation to Excel spreadsheet.

Exporting comments to the database schema

Some tools (BI, for instance) read comments from the schema. Dataedo allows exporting descriptions back to schema being documented. This is supported only for selected connectors.

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