How to read this Roadmap?

We share this Roadmap, to shed some light on the direction we are heading with Dataedo. Please bear in mind that this roadmap only covers larger initiatives, and with every release, we aim to ship multiple minor improvements and bug fixes.

Important disclaimer

The below roadmap reflects our plans and the things we are working on. It is shared just for information purposes and it is not a binding commitment. Please do not use this information in making purchasing decisions as future versions of our products may have different functionality and release dates. Features listed below are actively uder development, but order is unrelated.

Next release

Few things that we aim to deliver in the very next major release.

Web Catalog redesign

We are continuing efforts to improve UX and UI of Web Catalog. We are redesigning navigations, previews and adding handy right panes. We are also building better notifications system.


Structure changes (Submodules, Reports, Manual Objects)

We see that there is a big demand for improvement in the area of object structure, Tree View, and objects-types. We are still considering the scope. We will probably proceed with:

  • Domains as a top level folder for aggregating other objects,
  • Implementing Subject Areas as a business oriented group of objects and BG entries
  • Implementing sub-databases (option to split database into logic parts)

Navigation improvements

We are also improving navigation in the Dataedo Desktop. We are adding internal links and "GO TO" options across documentation.


Active Directory integration

We plan to introduce AD integration as a simple tool that will mirror users and groups from given AD to the structure in the Dataedo repository.

Import technical redesign

We plan to finish a huge effort of creating a new import engine in one of the next releases. There are 3 goals we are aiming to achieve with it.

  • Major performance improvements.
  • Allow importing multiple databases from one source at once!
  • Unblock our progress with new connectors.


A feature where we will introduce a way of assigning Users to Objects so that it is clear who is responsible for documentation of what. Then we will deliver dashboards like "Needing my attention" in Web Catalog.

New Connectors

We plan to release connectors with every release. Below is the list of scanners we are currently researching or developing:

  • Tableau reports
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