Applies to: 10.x (current) versions, Article available also for: 9.x


The below roadmap just reflects our plans and the things we are working on. It is shared just for information purposes and it is not a binding commitment. Please do not use this information in making purchasing decisions as future versions of our products may have different functionality and release dates. We share it to shed some light on the direction we are heading with Dataedo

Interested in what's coming next? Here are some important things we are working on:

New Connections

Here are connectors we are working on:

  1. Apache Hive Metastore
  2. Salesforce
  3. SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) - Multidimensional

Reference Data Management / Lookups

Reference data, list of values, lookups, dictionaries, data domains. This feature will allow you to build lookups, list and valid values. It will be easy to document and understand that "A" in status field means "Approved", or what values to expect in the market field.

You will be able to build those dictionaries from values from the database with Data Profiling feature.

Data Lineage

Data Lineage will allow everyone in your organization to grasp how data flows through the ecosystem. In the first version, Data Lineage will be defined manually on the object level. We have plans of bringing automatic Data Lineage to our product next.

Data Lineage

Authentication, SSO

We are researching options for authentication and single sign on to the Web Catalog, integration with Active Directory, and database/table access control.

Permissions and User Management for Web Catalog

We are actively developing User Management for Web Catalog. We plan to introduce roles, permissions and groups. This will allow you to set access to different parts of your documentation for different users and of customizable level (read-only or edit for instance).


History of changes / Audit log

We plan to introduce in Dataedo feature of storing the history of changes that anyone in your organization did. You will be able to browse previous descriptions and titles, and rollback changes if needed.

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