How to read this Roadmap?

Plans below are grouped in Quarters since our release cycle is one release per Quarter. We share this Roadmap, to shed some light on the direction we are heading with Dataedo.

Please bear in mind that this roadmap only covers larger initiatives, and with every release, we aim to ship multiple minor improvements and bug fixes.

Important disclaimer

The below roadmap reflects our plans and the things we are working on. It is shared just for information purposes and it is not a binding commitment.

Please do not use this information in making purchasing decisions as future versions of our products may have different functionality and release dates.

Later this year

As we finished Qfirst half of the 2022 with huge features like permissions in Web Catalog, new Classification, Data Lineage improvements, storing history, or bulk Data Profiling our goal is now to address a few of the most common requests.

Structure changes (Submodules, Reports, Manual Objects)

We see that there is a big demand for improvement in the area of objects structure, Tree View, and objects-types. We are still considering the scope. Currently, we have on the list:

  • Implementing Sub-Subject Areas (Submodules).
  • Adding Reports (new object type), which will unblock work on new connectors.
  • Adding an option for creating custom object types (like APIs, systems, programs, etc.)
  • Adding Article (Wiki entry) as a new object type.
  • Mirroring schemas to Dataedo Tree View structure.

Navigation improvements

Loosely connected to the above changes, we plan to implement breadcrumbs and the "Go Back" and the "Open in Web" buttons.


Active Directory integration

We plan to introduce AD integration as a simple tool that will mirror users and groups from given AD to the structure in the Dataedo repository.

Import technical redesign

With the end of the year, we plan to finish a huge effort of creating a new import engine. There are 3 goals we are aiming to achieve with it.

  • Major performance improvements.
  • Allow importing multiple databases from one source at once!
  • Unblock our progress with new connectors.

Reference Data Management / Lookups

Reference data, list of values, lookups, dictionaries, data domains. This feature will allow you to build lookups, lists, and valid values. It will be easy to document and understand that "A" in the status field means "Approved", or what values to expect in the market field.

You will be able to build those dictionaries from values from the database with the Data Profiling feature.

New Connectors

We plan to release connectors with every release. Below is the list of scanners we are currently researching or developing:

  1. Apache Hive Metastore
  2. AWS Athena
  3. SAP Sybase ASE
  5. Tableau (tables and columns)
  6. AWS S3
  7. Microsoft Dynamics/Dataverse
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