Applies to: Dataedo 23.x (current) versions, Article available also for: 10.x

Every object in Dataedo repository has a description fields. There are two types of descriptions plain text and rich text.

Plain text descriptions

Plain text descriptions allow you to enter plain text only.

Plain text descriptions support:

  1. Multiple lines - you can add new line in Desktop using Shift+Enter,
  2. Hyperlinks - HTML Docs and Web Catalog detect hyperlinks (starting with http:// and https://) and add display them as links automatically.

Objects that have plain text descriptions are:

  1. Columns,
  2. Parameters,
  3. Triggers,
  4. Keys,
  5. Relationships.

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Rich text descriptions

Rich text descriptions allow you to create formatted text with images. Supported elements include:

  1. Images,
  2. Text formatting (fonts, colors),
  3. Tables,
  4. Lists,
  5. Hyperlinks.

Objects that support rich text descriptions are:

  1. Tables, views, structures,
  2. Stored procedures, functions,
  3. Business glossary terms, policies, etc.,
  4. Modules,
  5. Databases.

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Tips for writing better descriptions

How to bulk load descriptions

Three Ways to Standardize Column Descriptions

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