Documentation tool for Azure SQL

Document your Azure SQL databases with annotations, diagrams and enriched data model, and share documentation in convenient HTML & PDF documentation.

Generate DB documentation in minutes

With Dataedo you can quickly generate convenient and good looking documentation of your existing Azure SQL databases.

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Annotate every schema element

Dataedo automatically extracts database schema objects and descriptions from the database and enables you to provide additional annotations on top of that. Those annotations are saved locally and exceed capabilities of the database engine.

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Visualize data model

Drag & drop tables to the pane, choose columns to display to understand and explain data model for easier querying, reporting and development.

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Document table relationships

Many databases don't have foreign key constraints what makes it harder to reverse engineer and understand data model. Dataedo imports FK constraints from database and enables you to add logical relationships between tables (even across databases, servers and engines) in its repository so you can get a complete view of your database data model.

Document server programs

Dataedo reads stored procedures, user-defined functions and triggers with their script, attributes and parameters, then lets you describe each element and saves in your documentation.

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Discover and document object dependencies

Dataedo lets you discover and navigate object dependencies read from database engine. You can also add dependencies manually in cases where database did not detect it properly (e.g. cross server calls).

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Share convenient documentation

Generate and share doucmentation in beautiful, useful and convenient HTML pages.

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Collaborate and gather knowledge

Dataedo holds all metadata in a central repository which gives more documentation capabilities, doesn't impact your schema, enables offline documentation and collaboration throughout the enterprise.

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Edit extended properties

Dataedo enables you to define and edit SQL Server extended properties with a convenient editor. All properties are edited in repository first without impacting the database, saving them to the server is a separate step.

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