ER Diagram tool

Make your databases easier to understand with ERDs

Visualize your databases with ER Diagrams and make them transparent and accessible for everyone, including non-IT people.
Dataedo has been named a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice for Metadata Management Solutions. Read our reviews here.

Quick and easy ER diagrams for existing databases

Drag & drop
Rather than adding all tables at once, create meaningful diagrams from data catalog with drag & drop.
Suggested entities and easy search
Dataedo suggests you entities that you can add to diagram next so or you can easily search the entire catalog for tables so creation of diagrams is quick and pleasant.

Visualize and document table relationships

Dataedo allows you to understand, document and visualize relationships between tables (foreign keys), regardless of the actual schema implementation and constraints.

Automatic relationships from database
Dataedo reads foreign key constraints from DBMS and adds table relationships to the diagram automatically.
Add missing relationships easily
It is easy to add relationships in Dataedo data model repository for foreign keys with no FK constraints in the DBMS.

Stories over details

Multiple small diagrams
Build easily multiple small diagrams to really explain data entities and relationships.
Show key columns only
Hide unnecessary details from diagrams to show only what tells the story.
Provide meaningful aliases
Tables and columns can have confusing and misleading names. Dataedo allows you to provide aliases for names to add meaning on top of physical model.

Share diagrams with complete documentation

Dataedo exports diagrams together with complete database documentation in HTML and PDF.

Designed for real-life environments

We understand that real database ecosystems are large and complex and built a tool for you that will help you visualize, understand, document and manage it.

Cross-database diagrams
Shared repository of all data models allows you to define relationships across databases and visualize dependencies in cross database diagrams.
Data model in sync with databases
Dataedo, unlike many data modeling tools, makes it easy and safe to read and update models from physical database without fear of losing any of the metadata - descriptions, relationships, or anything else.
Central repository
One central repository of data models from all databases and other data sources.

How is Dataedo different from data modeling tools?

Dataedo is not another data modeling tool. It’s a tool for documentation and visualization of your data environment.

Easy sharing in aesthetic HTML documentation

Convenient diagram editor

Built in Data Dictionary with handy editor

Designed for large databases

Easy and safe to handle changes in source databases

Our use cases

Data Warehousing & BI

Visualize data model of data warehouse and source databases for better use throughout BI and business community.

Self-service analytics

Build and share diagrams and data dictionary with your analyst community for better self-reliance and independence from IT.

Database Design & Development

Visualize database models for the entire development team as you build it.

Legacy databases

Document and visualize data models of legacy databases as you discover it.

Data Governance

Catalog and visualize enterprise data for the business and analyst community.

Enterprise Architecture

Document and visualize data in all enterprise databases and explain relationships between them.

Our customers

Christopher Hurd
Data Warehouse Engineer


"We can group different database objects together to present different aspects of functionality. The ER diagrams are invaluable when it comes to this. This is a very well thought out feature. Above all, we use the export to HTML all the time. I’m extremely passionate about properly documenting our databases and managing our information effectively, and it is done thanks to Dataedo."
Antony Liberato
Database Administrator


"I had two requirements for an ERD Tool. Pull live objects from SQL, and allow editing relationships without modifying any live constraints. Dataedo does this perfectly. And I really like the export utility, as the PDFs fit right into our document libraries."

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