Dataedo HTML Export

Easily shareable interactive HTML data documentation

Use it from local disk, share it on a web server internally or publish online

Generate documentation in 3 easy steps

Connect to your data sources

Dataedo scans your data sources and extracts data structures & metadata through Metadata Connectors and loads them into the Metadata Repository.

Document your data (optional)

Data Stewards can then optionally describe extracted data structures with titles, descriptions and custom fields through main user interface - Dataedo Desktop.

Generate HTML Export

Data Stewards can export and share generated documentation in interactive HTML with the Data Community.

dataedo architecture
dataedo architecture

Key features

Define scope

Choose which databses, modules, objects, and custom fields you want to include in your HTML export. Documentation can be a general overview or detailed knowledge base for your data sources.

Create templates

Build different templates for different audiences. Each template can have different scope (different custom fields, object types) and formatting (colors, logos, etc).

Add your branding

Add your logos and colors to fit your corporate identity guidelines.


Use templates to translate standard labels into different languages.

Share anywhere

Dataedo HTML Export is not connected to Dataedo Repository and it can be hosted anywhere (local disk, internal web server, online, SharePoint).

Easily browse & search

Thanks to interactive interface generated documentation is searchable and easy to navigate with hyperlinks.

Democratize data in your company

Create comprehensive data documentation with Dataedo and share it with your team