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Streamline database development

Allow everyone in your team to stay up to date with database schema with easily accessible database documentation

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Understand your databases with Dataedo

For the development team to be productive, every developer should be up to date with the schema of the database he is working with.

Dataedo allows you to collaboratively document schema of the database with a convenient UI and share it across entire team in useful HTML documentation as a part of your code build process.

dataedo web community

Make your team experts on your databases

Understand all your columns and tables

Decrypt table and column names with business friendly aliases and provide meaning and purpose of data assets with descriptions

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Dataedo data dictionary
Dataedo Governance Software

Understand table relationships, even without FK constraints

Dataedo allows you to understand, document and visualize relationships between tables (foreign keys), regardless of the actual schema implementation and constraints.

Dataedo Data Lineage

Document data lineage and make changes with confidence

Visualize how data moves through the system through data lineage. Easily identify impact of making changes to a particular data asset through Data Lieange diagrams. Increase productivity of IT and Data Teams and reduce cost & risk of updating your data sources.

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Visualize data models for the entire team

Discover and document relationships between data entities and visualize them with drag & drop diagrams with suggested entities and easy search. All developers will get clear, up-to-date view of database schema.

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Dataedo ERD
Dataedo Change tracking

Track changes in your database schema

Dataedo scans schema of your databases and allows you to track, analyze and comment their changes. With the access to history of recent changes in a database or specific tables and columns it is easier to apply required updates in relevant code and reports.

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Hustle-free scaling of your dev team & outsourcing

Dataedo allows you to capture knowledge and share it with everyone so that onboarding new people on the team or starting to work with a new data source is a piece of cake.

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Share complete documentation in convenient format

Dataedo Web Catalog
Dataedo Web Catalog
Interactive web data portal

Self-hosted web portal for self-service data & building data community. Create a place where all people in your organization can go to find, learn about, discuss and contribute their findings about data.

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Dataedo Web Catalog
Dataedo HTML Export
Interactive HTML exports

Easily export your documentation into lightweight and easily shareable interactive HTML documents. Self-host them on your drive or any web server.

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Dataedo Web Catalog
PDF & Excel Exports
Export metadata to PDF & Excel

Additionally, you can quickly export your documentation to PDF and Excel files.

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