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Close database design and documentation loop

Build and modify the structure of your tables straight from the Dataedo interface while documenting your database.

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How it works

Connect to your data source and import existing schema automatically

Connect to your data sources & import tables, files, procedures and other objects with just a few clicks.

Create new tables or add columns

Easily add and design new tables manually or import from JSON file. Bulk add colums copied from a spreadsheed or another source to speed up the work.

Export changes to DDL statements

Export your new data structure to data description language (DDL) and easily update your source database.

Keep your design, documentation, and database all in sync

Make your designs (up to date) documentation

Database designs tend to go out of date quickly and database lives on its own. When you decide to make an up to date documentation, you often have to start from scratch in a separate tool. With Dataedo you can design (including descriptions), push changes to the database, import any changes to the database schema, and have always up to date documentation automatically.


Quickly create documentation of your database

Dataedo allows you to understand, document and visualize relationships between tables (foreign keys), regardless of the actual schema implementation and constraints. Rather than adding all tables at once, create meaningful diagrams from data catalog with drag & drop.

Easily make incremental changes to your database

Build and modify the structure of your tables and columns straight from the Dataedo interface while documenting your database. Easily synchronize your design with the actual database.


Keep your design / documenation always up to date with actual database

Dataedo can seamlessly import schema changes in source database to the repository making keeping your documentation up to date easily. New tables, columns and other objects are added, their attributes get updated and deleted objects are marked as deleted so that no metadata gets lost.

Access to your designs / documentation for the entire data team

Dataedo keeps documentation of all your databases in one shared repository set up in your environment, that your team can easily access and work together on database design and documentation.


Share designs / documentation with your data community

Dataedo Web Catalog
Dataedo Web Catalog

Self-hosted web portal for self-service data & building data community. Create a place where all people in your organization can go to find, learn about, discuss and contribute their findings about data.

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Dataedo HTML Docs
Dataedo HTML Docs

Easily export your documentation into lightweight and easily shareable interactive HTML documents. Self-host them on your drive or any web server.

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PDF & Excel Exports
PDF & Excel Exports

Additionally, you can quickly export your documentation to PDF and Excel files.

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