Sandra Recca

Sr. Director, Data Governance, Structured Finance

Fitch Ratings, Inc.

Dataedo is a fantastic value. We jump started all of our Data Governance efforts using the tool. We documented key databases quickly and easily and published the information to our analyst community. The Dataedo team is dream to work with and very responsive
Justin Lofquist

Director, Enterprise Architecture

North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC)

We use Dataedo to document a SSAS implementation for a power business user, to understand the intent of each field and measure so they can build their reports more effectively. It helps us document the 'why' we built it the way we did. The tool is very intuitive to work with, and we use it continuously. We also want to use more licenses in the near future.
Deborah Crane

Data Quality Manager

Charter Court Financial Services

Dataedo is an easy to use facility for managing basic metadata centrally and producing enhanced data dictionaries. Initially we wanted to use it for a single set of system documentation, but we will now employ it for scheduled metadata updates along with multi-user maintenance. The well-structured database repository has also facilitated a Data Lineage project. I would recommend Dataedo to anyone with similar requirements, and in fact already have.
Lenka Horanska

Business Intelligence Analyst

Accuro Health Insurance

Dataedo has many features other tools are lacking - ability to document relations that are not set in the DB, rich text descriptions, tracking progress at a glance, grouping objects into topics and keeping track of decommissioned/renamed columns. I would definitely recommend Dataedo to others. It is a great tool and they are very responsive which counts for a lot.
Ted Clark

Lead Consultant


I am now using Dataedo to help support my client's Data Governance program and make life much better for their BI team. I'll continue to promote this product with future clients as I feel strongly that it is an excellent solution, the best I've seen in its price category.
Nuno Vieira

BI Tech Analyst


Dataedo is improving my work a lot. With documentation, the learning curve is smaller and I can have more time to work.

Database Architect

(Aerospace company in the US)

Dataedo is simply the best database documentation tool out there. It generates super neat and beautiful document with simple but sophisticated ERD. We were able to set up a process to keep the documentation up-to-date using the command line utility. Everything just works. The reception has been incredible - after seeing the documentation for one database, everyone is requesting one for theirs.
Millie Kristiansen

Manager, Data Solutions

Healthy Directions, LLC

Healthy Directions is a data driven organization and relies on my team to produce ETL'd data for reporting and analysis. The data team evaluated a few different tools to help with creating data dictionary for the organization's databases, and Dataedo provided the best solution. Dataedo has been the perfect tool that has helped the team and organization in understanding the datasets with it's easy to use tool and database documentation. Even non-data users are able to understand the database structure. It's a great tool and have already recommended to others.
Ryan Cannon

Software Developer

Medical Asset Management, Inc.

We are using Dataedo for documenting a web-based application that is used in the medical field. Dataedo is used for database documentation to help create visibility in our design and to provide newer employees the information they need to understand the backbone of the application. I like the auto-generated documentation the most. It's simple and looks good. I would recommend it to others.
Antony Liberato

Database Administrator


I had two requirements for an ERD Tool. Pull live objects from SQL, and allow editing relationships without modifying any live constraints. Dataedo does this perfectly. And I really like the export utility, as the PDFs fit right into our document libraries.

Data modeling specialist

(Big Four accounting firm)

We have used Dataedo in two projects now, and it has the great possibility to stay connected and update automatically all new information being built within the data solution. That has proved very valuable for our tasks. The tool is so simple to install, that we were literally up and running in minutes. I have been showing it to some of our customers with very positive feedbacks. From the documentation tools available Dataedo is a very interesting choice, especially when you take the price into consideration.
Dani Rayford

Data Specialist

Manufacturing Company

I could not do work without Dataedo - it is a wonderful tool. I'm a data specialist with a background in data architecture. When I started here, there was no source document of reference for the data environment. It would have taken me a couple of years to complete a task of putting together source documents, this allows me to complete database documentation within two days.
Jeffrey Rempel

Software Developer

Friesens Corporation

Dataedo helped us document a third-party database that did not follow DB best practices. It didn't have any foreign keys, and Dataedo helped us track relationships and made data easier to find. The tool is helping us be more consistent with our integration, and it's helping developers with less experience find the data that they are looking for. It is regularly used by all our developers for all our own and third-party databases. I would recommend the tool to anyone with a similar issue to solve.
Christopher Hurd

Data Warehouse Engineer


Modules are really helpful. We can group different database objects together to present different aspects of functionality. The ER diagrams are invaluable when it comes to this. This is a very well thought out feature. I also love the progress bar feature! It’s a very useful way to track how much we’ve done over time. I know it’s a simple feature, but so happy to have it! Above all, we use the export to HTML all the time. I’m extremely passionate about properly documenting our databases and managing our information effectively, and it is done thanks to Dataedo.
Gareth Jane


Tech Chaperone

I am finding Dataedo to be a great product! Having used many database documentation tools over the years, I am glad to have found a product that is so powerful and easy to use. The ability to customize documentation according to individual requirements, while highlighting areas for improvement, helps to deliver true customer value. I believe that this tool could help many companies solve their database documentation problems.
Mike Conroy

Director, Emerging & Information Technologies

SciMar One

I used Dataedo to document a project in which we had used some over-seas development. Not only it was helpful in creating documentation, but it proved essential when it came time to bug fix and troubleshoot. The fact it enabled us to update and provide consistent documentation paid for itself. Thanks to Dataedo I spent more time figuring out the connection string to the instance than I did running the report. It was a great experience. I'm continuing to use it with no expectation of stopping anytime soon.
Jay Michael Heidbreder

Data Solutions Engineer

Red Book Solutions

I'm happy to use Dataedo documentation, where I can use images and the links made by the tool you can use to move around the exported documentation. It is very helpful. Thanks to that, many of my colleagues can browse HTML export and learn about the database.
Miguel Montesino

Data Warehouse Manager

Bankers Healthcare Group (BHG)

For three years, I have been responsible for designing and implementing the Data Warehouse at BHG. Following the rapid growth of the company and our data operations, it was immediately clear that in-depth and concise documentation was needed for the multiple fields and tables added each day. Dataedo has improved productivity of both new hires and seasoned employees by reducing the likelihood of costly misunderstandings by providing a glossary of commonly used terms, naming conventions, and even commonly-used strategy patterns.
Anthony Goudemez

IT Development Manager


We use Dataedo to document multiple databases and our data warehouse in Dev, QA and Prod environments (MySQL and SQL Server). We generate output daily as a scheduled task and publish it on our internal website for technical and business users. Dataedo helped us save a lot of precious time. We are looking to use it for more databases in the future. Dataedo is more than we expected and I would definitely recommend it to others.

Data Warehouse Administrator

(Bank in the US)

Dataedo makes it easy for our team to provide documentation about our data warehouse tables in an attractive and professional looking format. It is easy to use and the documents look great. I can recommend it to anyone who needs to document their database.
Mark Weiser

Data Architect

Dovel Technologies

At Dovel, we use Dataedo to generate searchable documentation of our extensive database. Dataedo provides web-based documentation that the entire team can access as well as the ability to generate Excel sheets so we can work with stakeholders to map new data to our database. Dataedo has simplified the process of creating this documentation, making it easy to distribute the entire database documentation or just sections to our various user communities.
Matthew Boler

Senior Solutions Analyst - ICT

Victorian Cytology Service

I use Dataedo to assist me in documenting a complex enterprise application database. It has saved me a lot of time and proved to be great value for the amount of time it saved me. Dataedo is very easy to use but powerful, works well with SQL Server and produces nice output in all formats. Ideally I would like our team to use Dataedo for all database documentation.
Nate Grant

Sr. Technical Writer

Bankers Healthcare Group (BHG)

After creating the Data Warehouse for companywide use, (…) we needed a way to make the data understood by every data user. Dataedo quickly proved to be the easiest and most functional tool available. Not only are we able to create the necessary descriptions needed to understand the data, we now have the ability to make this documentation available in HTML. Dataedo is the perfect supplement to the Data Warehouse.

Data Manager

(Police Service)

We documented our databases in Dataedo to outline the rules, standards, and logic for BA's, business owners as well as data analytics. As I am using the tool weekly it's nice it is so easy to use. We might use Dataedo for other projects in the future. I would recommend it to other people.
Jordi Casas

Chief Technology Officer


Dataedo is an easy tool to make a functional and elegant documentation. I like the fact that it stores documentation in a Dataedo repository, outside the documented database. I would recommend it to others.
Etienne Fritsch

Head of Development

EPSILON Software Assistance SA

We use Dataedo for documenting the database of our main software. It's a central reference for the developers and the analysts and we share Data Dictionary with third parties who develop BI system. What I like about it is that it's easy to find out what's not documented and a well-done Data-Dictionary in PDF. I would definitely recommend it to others.
Agustin Hernandez

BI Developer

PriceTravel Holding

Dataedo made it easy to find information about our databases and evaluate the percentage of documentation of the DB. It is a very intuitive tool and we use it regularly. I would recommend it to anyone. I evaluated other tools like ApexSQL and Data Dictionary Creator and Dataedo is just the most complete tool.
I used SQLDoc3 before, but now I am using Dataedo, and it is a great tool for me. Most of the time, we design the database schema directly via database tool, and we needed a mature software to help us generate the database schema document for it as well. Dataedo is easy to understand, and we are using it on regular daily basis. We would for sure recommend this software.
Rajesh Siva

IT Manager

Mohsin Haider Darwish

Through Dataedo, we can define user relationships between tables in each module of our ERP. It helped us track the progress of documentation. The server repository feature can centrally share the data dictionary among the team in real time. It is definitely a user-friendly tool and easy to understand. We use Dataedo regularly every time there is a change in table structure or an introduction of new modules. We would recommend the tool to anyone with similar requirements.
Carlos Santos



We use Dataedo to describe database objects, share documentation and track database modifications. We had no problems with using the tool. It is easy to use. We use the tool regularly and would recommend it to others. We will continue to work with Dataedo in all our future projects.
Michal Rysavy

Application/Database Developer

Accuro Health Insurance

Dataedo is a tool that is fast and simple to use. Easy structure and search tool helps developers to find descriptions for documented data very quickly. We update documentation with every release so seeing a documentation progress is really helpful. I would recommend Dataedo, as it has all the features which we need for documenting our databases. If we have another project in the future it is highly probable that we would use this tool as well.
Emily Chen

SQL Developer


We have a large database, and documentation made in Dataedo helps others understand the database better. I personally like the feature to set my own relationship between tables. We are going to use Dataedo to generate a document that will help new developers understand our database. If there will be a need we want to extend the use of this tool, and I will recommend to my friends this wonderful software, in case they look for such software.
John Hunter


IC Consulting

I purchased Dataedo for a consulting project that required us to provide detailed database documentation. The price point for the tool was great and I really enjoyed working with the tool. It saved us a significant amount of time and the client loved the results.

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