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Bankers Healthcare Group (BHG) is a trusted financial partner focused primarily on providing innovative solutions to healthcare professionals. Recognizing the unique financing of their needs, BHG ownership created a vision to establish Bankers Healthcare Group in 2001. As the company has grown from three to over 600, Bankers Healthcare Group has remained committed to providing healthcare professionals with the most innovative financial solutions in the industry.

For three years, I have been responsible for designing and implementing the Data Warehouse at BHG. Following the rapid growth of the company and our data operations, it was immediately clear that in-depth and concise documentation was needed for the multiple fields and tables added each day. Dataedo has also improved productivity of both new hires and seasoned employees by reducing the likelihood of costly misunderstandings by providing a glossary of commonly used terms, naming conventions, and even commonly-used strategy patterns.”
Miguel Montesino
Data Warehouse Manager
Bankers Healthcare Group
Bankers Healthcare Group (BHG)
Industry: : Finance | Fintech
Location: Florida | New York | Syracuse
Employees: 600+
Data Catalog:
  • SQL - Data Warehouse – 400 tables, 150 views, 668 stored procedures & functions


After creating the Data Warehouse for companywide use, we were looking for a way to easily inform other employees about the Data and also providing consistent database documentation. We needed a way to make the data understood by every data user and not just a few developers. We also needed a solution to allow access to information in the Data Warehouse without giving too many users access to the system. Thus, reducing the risk of performance issues, data corruptions etc.


After extensive demos and trials with other solutions, Dataedo quickly proved to be the easiest and most functional tool available. Not only are we able to create the necessary descriptions needed to understand the data, we now have the ability to make this documentation available in HTML format which is securely accessed via our SharePoint site. Data Users throughout the company are also more knowledgeable about the relationship between tables, unique keys, joins, etc., all information that is easily configured to be displayed in Dataedo.


Dataedo is the perfect supplement to the Data Warehouse as it is the single source of truth. It allowed BGH in achieving following results:

  • The chances of making wrong decisions are diminished because the risk is easier to assess.
  • Dataedo has allowed us to reduce training costs, by acting as a mediator between new hires and existing staff. For example, when a consultant or a new hire comes to the company, having up-to-date documentation reduces the time required from the existing staff to transfer knowledge.
  • Dataedo has also provided a professional solution to updating employees on the new tables, fields, and updates made in the Data warehouse. This has allowed us to keep everyone on the same page and working in unison.
  • Dataedo has allowed our department and the company on the whole to be better prepared for multiple internal and external audits.
Dataedo is the perfect supplement to our Data Warehouse
Nate Grant
Sr. Technical Writer
Bankers Healthcare Group

The future

In the future, we will be expanding our data documentation operations to other database environments in the company. We will also be able to better support data governance requirements and functions with Dataedo as part of our arsenal.