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Catalog all your reports in one place

Allow everyone in your data community to find, understand and access company reports from a lightweight data catalog solution.

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Extract data from your reporting tools with just a few clicks

Power up your Data Catalog with a reporting layer

Catalog all your reports

Catalog and document all your reports in a convenient self-hosted Web Catalog.

Add informative titles & descriptions

Provide descriptions to allow all users to understand your reports. Reduce unnecessary questions and enable self-service analytics.

Assign owners & custom attributes

Assign owners responsible for particular reports to simplify communication regarding changes. Define your own custom fields to identify report developers, status, and more.

Access reports from the catalog

Easily access your reports straight from the Web Catalog interface or use a link to open them in reporting tool.

Generate data lineage

Create data lineage when connecting to your reporting tool. See what data sources are powering your reports.

Link with business glossary

Link reports, visualizations, and fields to business glossary terms to better explain used metrics.

Extract visualization and fields from reports

Extract the list of all report objects and document them.

Collaborate through Data Community

Post comments, ratings, questions, answers, to-dos, and warnings regarding reports directly in the Web Catalog.

Create a trusted reports ecosystem

Easily find reports that show key business metrics

Navigate to reports straight from business glossary and your key business terms. Find reports related to revenue, customers, product performance, and more in a blink of an eye.


Improve reports discoverablity and reduce duplicates

Make it easy to find existing reports through powerful search features. Reduce duplicated reports and increase ROI on reports already created by making them easier to discover and benefit from for your data community.

Facilitate better understanding of reports

Reduce number of questions to report owners with proper documentation. Use descriptions to explain purpose of the report, what data it is returning, and how it was intended to be used. Link your reports to business glossary terms to explain different metrics.


Increase trust in company reports with data lineage

Discover where the data powering reports is coming from through interactive lineage diagrams. Debug problem areas with ease.

Enable impact analysis for developers

Easily identify if planned maintenance or development of your data sources can impact existing reports and plan accordingly.


Use cases

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BI Teams

Provide a single place where everyone in your team can go to find, understand, and collaborate on company reports.

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Self-Service Analytics

Facilitate self-service analytics through easier report discoverability and shared understanding of data.

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Data Quality

Identify where the data powering reports is coming from through data lineage and gather community feedback.

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