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Do You Really Understand Your Databases?

You can connect to a database and see its structure, but can you really understand it?
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Document and Visualize Database Relationships

Understanding relationships between tables is crucial for querying of a database. Those relationships are often nonobvious as foreign keys are rarely defined in a database schema. Without this information you left with guess work, asking your colleagues, and exposed to errors in your queries.

But it does not have to be that way. Allow Dataedo to extract what foreign keys information is defined in a database and complete the rest in the same format so that you have a complete view of the relationships in your database. No more guessing.

  • Discover foreign keys from database constraints
  • Define additional relationships manually
  • Visualize all relationships with ER Diagrams

A Nodepad for Your Database

Do you know what attribute1 column means? Is it in use? Or how is due_date calculated? Or what does ‘A’ value in status column mean?

Data structures can be confusing and sometimes misleading and Dataedo allows you to explain meaning and purpose of each data element in your database.

  • Annotate data elements
  • Provide meaningful aliases
  • Add additional information in structured format using custom fields

Organize Databases with Subject Areas

Real databases have hundreds or even thousands of tables. It is really hard to find a table with data you need or figure out what is this particular table used for. Dataedo helps you manage this complexity with so called “modules”, which you can think of as folders organizing objects in your database.

Share Complete Documentation in Interactive HTML

Share complete documentation of your database ecosystem, including data dictionary, diagrams, code, dependencies and more, in searchable and interactive HTML that does not require dedicated server.

Capture Tribal Knowledge

There is no single person in your team or organization that knows it all. Dataedo’s shared metadata repository allows your entire team to collectively capture and preserve what you know about your databases.

More capabilities

All databases in one repository

Define cross database table relationships

Description suggestions

Track progress

Automate and integrate with your development process

Easy to keep documentation up to date with database changes

Easy and smart import of changes from database

Document different environments - UAT/DEV

Local in your network

Now, Everyone Can Understand Your Databases

Use Cases

Application Development

Allow every developer to grasp data models quickly without guesswork and unnecessary questions.

Data Warehousing

Provide useful documentation of your data warehouse and facilitate better use of it throughout the organization.

BI & Analytics

Remove friction of reporting and analytics by making data structures and data clear for everyone.

Legacy Databases

Discover structure of your legacy databases and document them as you learn, so that the other people do not have to learn the same things over and over again.


Make complex and generic ERP databases manageable and meaningful for people in your organization.

Data Migration

Document and understand source and destination databases before the migration.

Development Outsourcing

Communicate and secure work you outsourced with useful and accessible database documentation.

Works With All Your Databases


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