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    Azure Database for PostgreSQL support (beta)

    Applies to: 9.x (current), Article available also for: 8.x, 7.x

    Supported versions


    Supported schema elements and metadata

    • Tables
      • Columns
        • Data type
        • Nullable
        • Default value
      • Primary keys
        • Columns
      • Foreign keys
        • Columns
      • Triggers
        • When triggered
        • Script
    • Views
      • Columns (see tables)
      • Script
    • Materialized views
      • Script
    • User-defined Functions
      • Script
      • Parameters
      • Returned value


    Dataedo reads PostgreSQL comments from following objects:

    • Tables
      • Columns
    • Views
      • Columns
    • Functions

    Dataedo does not write comments back to PostgreSQL at this moment.

    Known Issues

    • length of data type is not imported
    • materialized views use the same icon as standard views
    • materialized view columns are not imported
    • rules are not imported
    • trigger functions are grouped with standard functions
    • dependencies are imported only from views
    • tables and views with no comments, but containing column level comments are not correctly imported. Add a table level comment to solve the issue


    Following schema elements currently are not supported:

    • Check constraints
    • Non unique indexes
    • Sequences
    • User defined types
    • Domains
    • Extensions
    • Event triggers
    • Casts
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