Azure Synapse Analytics - Automatic data lineage

Michal Adamczyk - Dataedo Team Michal Adamczyk 4th June, 2024

Ever felt like you're solving a mystery while tracing the origins of your data in Azure Synapse Analytics? With Dataedo Data lineage functionality, you can turn that detective work into a straightforward task and simplify the process of data lineage documentation.

What to expect


Dataedo analyzes SQL scripts defining database views with built in SQL Parser and builds column-level lineage from tables/views to views queried by them. To learn more about parsing Transact-SQL dialect visit: Transact-SQL Parsing.

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Dataedo analyzes the COPY INTO statements used to populate database tables within Azure Synapse Analytics allowing to trace the origins of data within the database environment. In Dataedo Portal users can see what views query the table.

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External Tables

Dataedo analyzes the metadata and configuration details associated with external tables in Azure Synapse Analytics, allowing users to trace the origins and locations of data within the database environment. In Dataedo Portal, users can view which views references to the external table.

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Everything everywhere all at once

Going one step higher user can browse data lineage from the drom the database level. All data flows from single object(table, view, etc.) can can be traced by clicking on it.

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