Connecting to Analysis Services Tabular

Applies to: Dataedo 24.x (current) versions, Article available also for: 10.x, 23.x

This article explains how to connect Dataedo to Azure Analysis Services and SQL Server Analysis, Tabular Model and import metadata - tables & columns.

If you'd like to connect to Power BI Premium dataset/workspace, check this article.

Required privileges

In order to document a tabular model, you need to have the admin role in a tabular database. You can check if you have sufficient privilieges by connecting to a Analysis Services server with SQL Server Management Studio. If you cannot see any databases in the list, it means that you do not have permissions to document a model with Dataedo. On the other hand, if you can see the model you want to document in databases list, Dataedo will document the model. See more SSAS Tabular Roles

Add new connection

To connect to Analysis Services Tabular model create new documentation by clicking Add and choosing Database connection.

Connection to SSAS Tabular

On the add connection screen choose Analysis Servies (SSAS/Azure) Tabular

Add docs Tabular

Connection details

Provide connection details:

  • Server name - address of a server or Azure:
    • e.g. for SSAS (server)
    • e.g. asazure:// for Azure
  • Authentication - choose one of the autethication options:
    • Windows Authentication
    • Azure Active Directory - Password
    • Azure Active Directory - Integrated - this one uses Mirosoft online authentication.
  • User - for Azure Active Directory - Password authentication.
  • Passowrd - for Azure Active Directory - Password authentication.
  • Database - if server hosts multiple models, database allows you to select one of them by clicking [...] button.
  • Perspective - if model has multiple perspectives here you can select one of them by clicking [...] or leave default one.

SSAS Tabular connection form

How to get connection details with SSMS

You can get connection details from Connect to server SSMS form:

SSMS Connection Form

How to get server name from Azure

You can get server name in Essentials section in Azure Portal:

Azure portal essentials

Saving password

You can save Azure Active Directory password for later connections by checking Save password option. Password are saved in the repository database.

Importing schema

When connection was successful Dataedo will read objects and show a list of objects found. You can choose which objects to import. You can also use advanced filter to narrow down list of objects.

SSAS Tabular objects list

Confirm list of objects to import by clicking Next.

Next screen allow you to change default name of the documentation under which it will be visible in Dataedo repository.

SSAS Tabular Documentation Title

Click Import to start the import.

SSAS Tabular Import Progress

When done close import window with Finish button.


Your database schema has been imported to new documentation in the repository.

SSAS Sample Documentation

Analysis Services support

Analysis Services Tabular support details

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