Connecting to repository

Applies to: Dataedo 23.x (current) versions, Article available also for: 10.x

Connection window

When you run Dataedo editor you will see Connect window at first. This window enables you to connect to an existing repository or create one.

You can open this window later with New/Open button available on the ribbon.

Window has following elements:
1. New file repository - creating new file repository
2. Open file repository - connecting to existing file repository
3. New server repository - creating new server repository
4. Connect to server repository - connecting to existing server repository
5. Recent - list of your recent connections

Connect window

Connecting to/opening file repository

To open existing file repository you choose an Open file repository (2) on Connect window.

Open file button

Next enter location and name of the file you want to open. Click Browse button to open the file chooser. Click Open to open repository.

File location

Connecting to server repository

To connect with existing file repository you choose a Connect to repository (4) on Connect window.

Connect button

To log into repository provide the host address, database name (the one that was provided while creating repository), your login and password to the server and click Connect.
If you don't know the host or database contact your administrator.

Connect server

Recent connections

On the right side of the connect window (5) you have a list of shortcuts to all your recent connections (this list is saved in your local installation).

Connect recent

Connecting to another repository

During work you can connect to another repository with New/Open button on the ribbon. This will open connection window that would enable you to choose another connection.

New open button

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