Supported data sources

Piotr Palka 11th April, 2024
Applies to: Dataedo 23.x (current) versions, Article available also for: 24.x

Supported Data Source connectors

Data Source Support Schema Lineage Profiling Classification Export comments FK tester DDL import
Amazon Redshift Native
Azure Analysis Services Tabular Native
Azure SQL Database Native
Azure Synapse Analytics (SQL Data Warehouse) Native
MariaDB Native
MySQL Native
Oracle Native
PostgreSQL Native
Power BI Reports and Datasets Native
Power BI Dataset Native
Salesforce Native
Snowflake Native
SQL Server Native
Tableau Reports
Tableau Data Model Native
Astra DB Native
Amazon Keyspaces Native
Apache Cassandra Native
Elasticsearch Native
MongoDB Native
Neo4J Native
SAP ASE (Sybase) Native
Teradata Native
Vertica Native
Amazon RDS for MariaDB Native
Amazon RDS for MySQL Native
Amazon RDS for Oracle Database Native
Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Native
Amazon RDS for SQL Server Native
Amazon Relational Data Store (RDS) Native
Azure Database for MariaDB Native
Azure Database for MySQL Native
Azure Database for PostgreSQL Native
Google Cloud SQL for MySQL Native
Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Native
Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL Native
Google Cloud Native
IBM Db2 on Cloud Native
IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud Native
Amazon Athena Native
Amazon Aurora MySQL Native
Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Native
Amazon DynamoDB Native
Apache Hive Metastore Native
Azure Cosmos DB - Cassandra API Native
Azure Cosmos DB - MongoDB API Native
Azure Cosmos DB - SQL/Core API Native
Google BigQuery Native
IBM Db2 Big SQL Native
IBM Db2 LUW Native
IBM Db2 Warehouse Native
Microsoft Dataverse Native
Netsuite Native
Percona Server for MySQL Native
Databricks Unity Catalog Native NA NA
Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Dataverse Native
Apache Atlas Native
Apache HBase ODBC connector
Apache Hive ODBC connector
Firebird ODBC connector
IBM Informix ODBC connector
Microsoft Access ODBC connector
SAP IQ ODBC connector
SQLite ODBC connector
Amazon DocumentDB Amazon Athena
Amazon S3 Amazon Athena
Apache Impala Apache Hive Metastore
Apache Spark (with Hive Metastore) Apache Hive Metastore
Databricks (with Hive Metastore) Native
ClickHouse ODBC connector
Cloudera ODBC connector
Hortonworks ODBC connector
IBM Db2 for iSeries (DB2 for IBM i) ODBC connector
InterBase ODBC connector
AWS Glue Data Catalog Amazon Athena
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Microsoft Dataverse

ETL connectors

ETL Support Lineage
Azure Data Factory Native
dbt Native
SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Native

Data Catalog connectors

Dataedo can be used as catalog of catalogs, harvesting metadata from your existing platform native metadata catalog

Data Catalog Support
Databricks Unity Catalog Native (Via API)
AWS Glue Data Catalog Native (Via API)
Apache Atlas Soon (Via API)

Supported File Formats

Dataedo discover schema of following files if found on supported data stores ( see above )

Need Support

If your database is not supported please - suggest and vote for other data sources

If you have any questions or need other help, Contact with our Customer Support team

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