XML support

9th March, 2021

Dataedo 9.1 added support for XML files. Dataedo scans XML file and builds a structure that includes:

  • Elements with subelements - as Document
  • Elements with multiple subelements - as Document Array
  • Elements without subelements - as Field
  • Attributes - as Attribute,

Each element consists of:

  • Element name,
  • Data type (String, Document + arrays i.e. String[], Document[])
  • Field type (Field, Attribute, Document, Document Array)

To add XML to the catalog right click on any database or Structures folder, choose Add Object, then Add/Import Structure, then select either Paste Document if you want to paste file content or Import from File if you would like to read from a file, select file from the disk. This will scan the content and open Structure designer with a parsed structure. You can use this window to edit names, data types and filed types and save with Save button.

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