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    Business Glossary

    Piotr Kononow - Dataedo Team Piotr Kononow 2018-03-08 2018-12-06

    We want our tool to enable a description of a schema for nontechnical users and meaning of data. That's why we want to add Business Glossary functionality that will be comprised of a list or hierarchy of business terms, policies or rules.

    Business glossary will be another type of documentation:

    Business glossary documentation will only hold business terms in a form of a hierarchy.

    Each term will have the following attributes:

    • name,
    • type - term, category, policy and rule (with an option to extend in the future)
    • description
    • custom fields

    Users will be able to define relationships between the terms with one of the predefined types:

    • Synonym
    • Replaces
    • Calculated from
    • Related term

    Users will also be able to link business glossary to data elements - tables or columns.

    There will be navigation in two directions between business glossary and data dictionary.

    Business glossary will be included in PDF and HTML exports:

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