Qlik Sense SaaS support

Qlik Sense SaaS connector is currently available in beta version

Added in Dataedo version 24.2 Qlik Sense SaaS connector version is beta, and some of its functionalities may not work as required. The data model of Qlik might change in the future. In particular, sheets will be split into separate objects, and additional objects for apps will be added. Therefore, objects imported before those changes may be migrated meaning that their types and appearance in Dataedo will change.

Qlik Sense SaaS is a cloud-based platform for data visualization and analytics that enables users to create, share, and access interactive visualizations and reports easily. Dataedo can help Qlik Sense users enhance data understanding and promote better data governance and management practices.

Catalog and Documentation

Qlik analytics apps with their sheets are imported to Dataedo as reports. Users can browse visualizations and fields (dimensions and measures) used by particular app sheets. Application tables that were created from datasets or uploaded from external sources in the Dataedo repository are visible as dataset tables. Dataedo also imports datasets from the Qlik Sense catalog as datasets and connections as linked sources.

Qlik Sense connector supports creating Data lineage to enable tracking data flows to visualizations created in the app's sheets. Column level lineage is created between apps tables and apps to find out what which columns are the sources of data used by a given sheet. App tables are related to either datasets from Qlik Sense catalog or table objects from external source defined by connection (if that source is documented in Dataedo repository).

Other features include:

Required permissions

Qlik user account used to create Api Key that allows connecting to Qlik Sense (see Connecting to Qlik Sense) must possess access to objects to be documented. If user haven't created some app then he must belong to Shared Space to which given app is added. During import, Dataedo uses only GET requests from Qlik Sense APIs.

Connecting to Qlik Sense


To connect to Qlik Sense SaaS from Dataedo, the user must possess an Api Key. You can create it in your Qlik Sense hub by following the Enabling API keys in the tenant subsection in Managing API keys Qlik documentation page.


To connect to a Qlik Sense SaaS instance, click the Add button in the upper left corner and choose New connection.

Image title

From the sources, choose Qlik Sense SaaS.

Image title

Now data necessary to establish a connection between Dataedo and the Qlik Sense Cloud must be provided. There are two fields required to be completed:

  • Host - hostname of Qlik Sense tenant, for example, https://cloudtenant.eu.qlikcloud.com.
  • Api key - the unique identifier used for authentication of a user (see Required access level)

Image title

After clicking Connect, Dataedo will start retrieving a list of database objects. When it finishes, it will display a window to choose objects to import. Checking the Advanced settings checkbox allows you to define more complex filters.

Image title

Click Next to confirm which objects are to be imported. You will then see a window that allows you to change the default name of the documentation, under which it will be visible in the Dataedo repository.

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Click Import to start the import process. Wait until the import process is complete.

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Close the import window using Finish button. Qlik Sense objects has been imported to new documentation in the repository.

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Connector specification

Imported metadata

Imported Editable
Analytics apps -> Reports
  Last updated date
    Visualizations titles
     Measures computed formulas
Apps tables -> Dataset Tables
    Data types
    Column comments
Datasets -> Datasets
  Last updated date
Connections -> Linked Sources
  Connection details
  SQL dialect (if applicable)
  Source database (if documented)

Supported features

Feature Supported
Data profiling
Data classification
Data lineage
Reference data (import lookups)
Importing from DDL
Generating DDL
FK relationship tester

Data Lineage

Destination Source Column level
Analytic app App tables
App table Dataset or Source table

To learn more about Data Lineage in Qlik Sense visit Qlik Sense SaaS - Automatic data lineage

Known issues and limitations

  • Column level lineage is now avaliable only between apps and apps tables.
  • If some objects are missing, check if you have access to them from your Qlik Sense account
  • Some visualization titles may not be imported
  • To check Data Lineage limitations visit: Qlik Sense Data Lineage limitations
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