Share database documentation

One of the key purposes of documentation is to share it with anyone that needs to understand databases. In today’s environment that's a lot of different people - DBAs, developers, consultants, business and data analysts, BI/DW developers, third party providers, auditors, and so on.

One of the key benefits of Dataedo is that you can export your documentation to beautiful and usable documents you share with everyone you need.


HTML is a key Dataedo export format. It can be used from local disk, shared on web server internally or published online.

Key features:
  • Export multiple databases
  • Modern design
  • Mobile friendly
  • Interactive and clickable


If you need to print documentation or want to share it as a document then use PDF export.

Key features:
  • Modern design
  • Internal links to objects


If you need your documentation metadata in tabular format use our Excel export that comes in two templates.


Define scope
Define which database elements and modules you want to include in the output.
Build different templates for different audiences. Each template can have different scope (different custom fields, object types) and formatting (colors, logos, etc).
Use templates to translate standard labels into different languages.
Custom branding
Add your logos and colors to fit your corporate identity guidelines.

Sharing on Confluence, SharePoint

Our HTML export is optimized to be embedded in Confluence and SharePoint portals.

"Dataedo makes it easy for our team to provide documentation about our data warehouse tables in an attractive and professional looking format. It is easy to use and the documents look great. I can recommend it to anyone who needs to document their database."

Data Warehouse Administrator
Bank in US