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Dataedo 10.0 - Profile your data and more

I'm excited to announce that we released a new version of our software - Dataedo 10.0. We changed the way you will be logging into the application and improved the UI with the new Home Page. We also added the long-requested feature of Data Profiling and many other improvements!

New in 10.0

Data Profiling

The biggest feature of Dataedo 10. Data Profiling allows you to discover data stored in the database and review its contents and quality. Data Profiling module is a combination of useful metrics with a friendly User Interface. On top of it, Profiling in Dataedo allows you to peek into the most common, or random data from your tables. Learn more about Data Profiling.

Data Profiling

Online licenses

Another big change will present itself at the login screen to the Desktop App. You can now log in to Dataedo using your business email. Also, you can seamlessly switch through all your available licenses.

Welcome to Dataedo 10.0

Home Page

Another change is waiting for you literally on the next screen. To improve your user experience, we are introducing a Home Page in the Desktop App, where you can check summary stats of Your Catalog, and quickly access other resources.

Home page

Other improvements

Apart from features mentioned above, we also give to you other improvements and changes like:

  • Allowing import of descriptions with copy & paste
  • Making HTML export free for everyone.
  • Bringing support for new metadata connector.
  • Adding Excel files to pool of our supported Data Lake files.
  • Adding session log and feature tracking.

Read more about changes in the Dataedo 10.0 - Release Notes

Future Development

Two features, we are currently working on, and which we plan to bring with next releases, are Data Lineage and Permissions in Web Catalog.

Data Lineage

Data Lineage will allow everyone in your organization to grasp how data flows through the ecosystem. This Data Lineage will be defined manually on the object level.

Data Lineage

Permissions and User Management for Web Catalog

We are actively developing a User Management module for the Web Catalog. We will introduce roles, permissions, and groups. This will allow you to set access to different parts of your documentation for different users and on a customizable level (read-only or edit for instance).


Get it now

If you have valid Dataedo subscription, please download Dataedo 10.0 and install it in your environment.

Download Dataedo 10.0

Haven't tried Dataedo yet? Get a free trial!

See it in action

Join our live webinar on Tuesday, November 16th 2021 (check your local time) and see Dataedo 10.0 in action. This webinar is a must-have for all Dataedo users, but will also be useful for anyone interested in metadata management.

Register for the webinar

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